Construction Recycle/LEED

Construction Recycle/LEED

Construction Recycle/LEED

Recycling Mission Statement:

To be a leader in the community by providing quality and convenient recycling and waste management services while accelerating the advancement of waste reduction, landfill diversion, and community-wide education of waste management best practices.

MarBorg Construction Recycling Services:

MarBorg has supported the construction industry’s efforts to recycle for over twenty years. Our services include the collection and recycling of numerous types of waste materials from both residential and commercial/industrial establishments. MarBorg recycles cardboard, wood waste, green waste, metals, and inert materials (rock, asphalt, concrete, rubble, and dirt).
Clients can see a cost savings by choosing to practice on-site material separation themselves. If on-site separation does not fit within your space and time requirements, MarBorg will separate recyclable materials at its recycling facility.

LEED and CalGreen:

MarBorg has been very successful in diverting construction waste resulting in diversion rates up to 95%. If a construction project is pursuing LEED certification or required to implement CalGreen mandatory requirements, MarBorg works with the contractor closely to ensure the project reaches its maximum potential for diversion which can result in multiple in LEED points. The various LEED rating systems offer up to 3 points for construction waste management. MarBorg has the staff expertise to assist project teams in documenting LEED Construction Waste Management credits by working with Contractors in developing LEED/CalGreen compliant Construction Waste Management Plan and by providing a detailed quarterly diversion report showing all materials recycled and/or diverted from the landfill, where the material was recycled or diverted to, weights of each type of waste.

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MarBorg also offers tours of the Construction and Demolition Recycling center. If you are interested in a tour please contact our office at 805-963-1852 or [email protected].