Wheelchair Accessible Restrooms

Wheelchair Accessible Restrooms

Wheelchair Accessible Restrooms

We stand behind our motto “There When You Need Us,” and there is no better proof than the Wheelchair Accessible Free Standing Restroom model. The ADA Compliant Wheelchair Portable Restroom is our largest portable restroom, designed to exceed the American Disability Association’s portable toilet guidelines. The Wheelchair Accessible Free Standing Restroom is also engineered to our own high standards of durability and comfort.

The Wheelchair Accessible Model is designed specifically with wheelchair users in mind. Accessing the portable restroom is made easy by roll-in ground level floor access, smooth handrails throughout the interior, and an oversized, self-closing Ryobi door. With its spacious interior, the We’ll Care™ is also the ideal unit for family-friendly events, when users will be children accompanied by a parent.

For persons with physical disabilities or mobility impairments, the Wheelchair Accessible Free Standing Restroom is access, security and comfort on a large scale.

For a higher level of service, the Wheelchair Accessible Free Standing Restroom can be accessorized with amenities, and accompanied with wheelchair accessible sinks and sanitizing stations.

Wheelchair Accessible / ADA Restroom features:

  • Roll-in, ground level floor access
  • Barrier-free door sill – extra wide door fits wheelchairs
  • Spacious interior for wheelchair maneuverability
  • Handrail supports for assisted mobility
  • Privacy latch
  • Occupancy indicator
  • ADA compliant

Optional features:

  • Disposable paper seat covers
  • Instant antiseptic hand cleanser and foam
  • Disposable paper seat covers

Advantages over other units:

  • Super strong with stainless steel grab rail surrounding the entire interior to provide better support and stability
  • Heavy-duty, self-closing Ryobi door closures provide added convenience and dependable wind resistance


Description Measurement
Exterior Height 92.5 in / 235 cm
Exterior Width 85.2 in / 216 cm
Exterior Length 92.4 in / 235 cm
Door Frame Height (i.d.) 80 in / 203 cm
Door Frame Width (i.d.) 32.75 in / 83 cm
Seat Height 19 in / 48 in
Interior Turning Circle 60 in / 152 cm
Grab Bar Height 33 in / 84 cm
Side Wall Panel Decal Area 6 in x 37 in /
15 cm x 94 cm
Static Tank Capacity 50 gal / 189 L
Weight (Static) 395 lbs / 179 kg
Recirculating Tank Capacity 34 gal / 129 L
MarBorg Wheelchair Accessible Restrooms