History of Marborg Industries, Inc.

History of Marborg Industries, Inc.


MarBorg Industries is a local, family-owned business which has been serving Santa Barbara County for over 75 years. The business was started by Mario Borgatello Sr. and Charlie Borgatello in the late 1920’s. Recycling has been at the heart of MarBorg since the beginning when Mario and Charlie Borgatello would supply used metal, cotton, nylon, glass and other materials to meet the demand for low-cost goods created by the 1930’s depression and the 1940’s war mobilization. They would sort through the trash they collected to recover any item that could be reused. These resourceful practices became the foundation for today’s recycling efforts at MarBorg Industries.

In its 3rd generation, MarBorg is still operated as a local family business. Under the leadership of Brian Borgatello as President, along with Anthony Borgatello, Kathy Koeper, and Derek Carlson, the Borgatello Family continues to carry forth the legacy that was set by their grandfather and fathers. At MarBorg Industries, service is a family tradition and remains our number one priority.

We have always been committed to customer satisfaction, which means we provide a level of service and maintenance that exceeds the norm. We provide state-of-the-art equipment that is maintained to the highest standards, and we tailor our services to meet our clients’ specific and varied needs. On-site support is included with all of our services, and our pricing list is competitive. MarBorg even provides 24-hour emergency support if any problems arise. At MarBorg Industries, service is a family tradition, and our number one priority.

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