Single Family Waste Collection in Santa Barbara

Single Family Waste Collection in Santa Barbara

Residential Waste Collection


The City of Santa Barbara requires all single family residential properties (1-4 units) to subscribe to trash, recycling and yard waste collection services.  Food waste and other non-yard waste organics are allowed in the trash and are recovered at the Santa Barbara County ReSource Center to comply with SB 1383.

To start, stop or change service, please call MarBorg Industries at 805-963-1852.

MarBorg Different Bin Types

Residential Collection Containers

Curbside pick-up for trash, recycling and yard waste is provided with easy to maneuver wheeled carts. Curbside wheeled carts are available in 96, 65, and 35 gallon sizes. Backyard collection cans are also available in 32 gallon size only.   Residents only pay for the trash volume they require.  Unlimited recycling and yard waste containers are provided at no additional charge.

Please utilize the guide below to understand what materials are allowed in each container.

Other Services

Residential customers in the City also have several other services available to them including:

MarBorg also operates the following facilities for other recycling and disposal needs:

For more information about services available to City residents, please visit